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Who We Are

DMDMax is a registered tradename of DMD Digital Media Distribution Ltd, a company incorporated in the Republic Of Ireland. The Company was specifically created to optimise the opportunities arising from the growing demand for LIVE Television, LIVE Events and Video Clips to mobile devices.

Why is it worth it?

  • The DMD Max technology solutions support over 5000 device types. The solutions are also CDMA, HSDPA, DVB-H and IP enabled, delivering a complete end-to-end solution for Mobile Operators and Broadcasters.
  • DMD Max provides the content portfolio and technology to allow Mobile Operators, Content Providers and Strategic Partners to maximise the new revenue streams generated from audio visual content to any device.
  • The DMD Max team has in excess of 30 years of extensive knowledge and experience in content management, media technologies and communication infrastructure. The production and editorial teams deliver all aspects of the audiovisual spectrum.
  • DMD Max is a company with unparalleled experience in the delivery of commercial LIVE television to Mobile Operators throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Corporate Strategy

The Company is ideally positioned to fully capitalize on the emerging trend for audiovisual content services to mobile handsets. The growth and availability of audiovisual mobile handsets and advances in Mobile Operator network technologies are forging the demand for this developing market.

The Company will succeed by having a commitment to growth and a strong focus on generating viable sales channels. By Partnering with established Mobile Operators and Content Providers, the combination of entrepreneurial talent, knowledge and proven managerial experience in the Broadcast, Content Provider and Mobile Operator arena will ensure the Company emerges as a formidable force.

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Corporate Histroy

DMD Max management team have extensive knowledge and experience in streaming media and digital video distribution since the mid 1990’s. The team have worked with O2, Vodafone, Orange and T-Mobile and successfully launched the first Mobile TV service with CNN and Vodafone Austria in early 2003.

DMD Max skill set extends from content acquisition, ingest, editing and distribution of quality-guaranteed content in a secure manner that meets the requirements of content providers and mobile operators alike.

DMD Max enhances this process by providing an online integrated content mediation solution to content providers and mobile operators which delivers real-time financial and statistical information on viewing figures and revenue earned. DMD Max provides all requirements for both mobile operators and content providers, allowing the delivery of audiovisual content to GPRS, EDGE & 3G enabled mobile devices.


Mobile Operators are experiencing downward pressure on revenues as the price of voice calls continues to fall and customer churn rises. This coupled with the rise in usage of Voice over IP has driven Mobile Operators to look for alternative Mobile Entertainment services to support ARPU levels and drive customer retention.

As lifestyles become more mobile, consumers are increasingly looking to access content while on the move. With the penetration of mobile devices into our daily lives across the globe, this is now the most immediate and obvious transmission medium to distribute content.

The market is forecast to experience exceptional growth with the mobile entertainment market forecast to be worth more than $64 billion by 2012, according to a new report by Juniper Research. The global market for mobile entertainment was worth $20 billion in 2007, but massive growth is expected, particularly in mobile music, games and MobileTV

Our Vision

Mobile operators have recognised that audiovisual content is the value-added service that will spur both consumer and business spending in data services. From the content providers perspective the prospect of delivering content to mobile devices provides them with the opportunity to derive additional revenue streams for their content and to expand brand awareness.

DMD Max, through its unique relationships with content providers and mobile operators, together with the global reach of its content network, holds a clear advantage over other players entering this market and has the capability to exploit this opportunity very successfully.

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